Secret “Spoil-Me” Monthly Spree

Good Morning, everyone! It’s literally morning, 12:01 am to be exact! I was giving my blog a little makeover and I decided to add a new post to go along with it. I’m going to try to make my posts not too long. So let me get to my point.

This year one of my new years resolutions is to spoil myself a little bit. I was inspired by the Secret Santa we all enjoy to take a part of during the Holidays. I don’t know about you but i always put myself and my wants last. So, I decided this year i would try to at least get myself some of the most things I’ve always wanted to treat myself with. So, i put all the names of those items into a cute jar and every month I take one little paper out without knowing of course what the item will be and In that month I have to get myself that particular item. So at the end of the year, i will pretty much own everything in that jar! The items aren’t extravagant or pricey just a couple of small treats! For the months to come I wont have this long intro for you i’ll just get right to the goodies, thank you for stopping by.

So, ill share Januarys pick with you now….

My Jauary Spoil Me Spree pick was “Dose of Colors” in the color “Berry Me” It is one of the most beautiful berry lip stain colors out there. I absolutely recommend you try this product out! It’s my first of many Dose of Color products. The wand is so soft and pointy which allows you to apply effortlessly. “Brownie Point for the packaging as well” Retails:$18 + Shipping Costs = to $25.00

If you want to check out the product click on the link above which takes you to the website. Or you can click the link below to watch my small review of this item to get a better look.


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