DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Pop Rocks, Nerds, and Pixie Dust)

Nerds, Pixie Dust, and Pop Rocks

So, if there’s one thing I want you to knowabout me is that, “I LOVE TO BE CREATIVE!” So as my first DIY i was really excited to make my specialty the very much loved, CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES. But of course, I wanted to make them a bit more fun than the typical dipped in chocolate topped with nuts. Don’t get me wrong i enjoy eating them “nuts” on a strawberry. But for this Valentines Day I thought we needed to get a bit more creative.

My Inspirations

My inspiration for the toppings was the Party City candy isle. I found Pop Rocks, Pixie Dust, and Nerds. All the candies we cant say no to. Sweet sweet indulgences. So, if you want to see how I made them Check out the video below, as I show my step by step process. Don’t get intimidated they’re really easy to make.

If you make your own share them with me on instagram @evelynnjacinnto #evelynnjacinnto


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