Get Ready With Me: UFC Fight Night

I was really excited to attend a UFC event for the first time. Only problem was It was a Rousey Fight. I’m not a fan but that beesh can throw a punch. She won the first 15 seconds of the fight. At least it felt that way. They didn’t give the people much of a fight though that’s disappointing no matter what. Buuuut, overall I had an amazing night with my Boyfriend and I wouldn’t mind attending again. A Pettis fight would be perfect.

So, if you’re up for it, check out this “Get ready with me” video. I was excited i figured why not let’s film. Even though its a lot of work especially around my house i’m never alone and i’m always being interrupted! But if you want something done, it’ll get done no matter what. So, i managed a video. Check it out! much love, everyone please, like, support and subscribe!

Much love, evelynnjacinnto


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