Drugstore Products for March secret Shopping : Skincare + more

So, If you haven’t heard, every month i get a piece of paper out of my jar and in that jar i have wrote down items that i’ve always wanted to buy for myself but never do. I started it as a New Years Eve Goal which is to spoil myself a little more. So this was the year to do that.

So far, January i picked “Dose of Colors” in the color “Berry Me” and February was to make a purchase at an online store, chose a “Just Fab” item and for this month of March “Drugstore products” came out. So, i went out to Ulta and Rite aid and made a couple of purchases for myself. I decided to get some skincare most of all because seasons are changing, my products are almost empty and it was time to spoil my face a little. So if you want to know what i got.. watch the video down below! If you happen to like the video please click like and subscribe to my channel!

much love, evelynnjacinnto


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