Brunch with Evelynn: Off Street Cafe

So I love brunch, right! If you’re saying to yourself, “how the h would i know,” well i’m telling you now. I love Brunch! whats not to love. The mimosas for one, it’s the only time people don’t judge you for having a drink or two in the middle of the day. Plus the champs makes you feel fancy.

So, for my 7th year anniversary my boyfriend wanted to take me out for Brunch and “Off Street Cafe” in Cerritos, CA. was recommended for us. I love and would try any place that has Eggs Benedict in their menu for Brunch time. Yes, there are some that don’t have have it on the menu. Insane right. So, “Off Street Cafe” is the place i will be talking to you about in this post.

First impressions: I might say i really liked it, it has a very modern-like country style feel. If that’s any way to describe something. They had a really cute outside area to eat. I would’ve love to eat outside but it was quite windy. Although the outside is nice there is no view besides the street to look at but with good company you won’t even notice.


The Wait Time: There were a lot of people outside waiting when we arrived so i thought it was going to be a long wait but everyone was getting called in every couple mins. So, i was impressed with that. We waited no longer than 15 minutes.

Outside waiting to eat
Outside waiting to eat

The Service: One of the service ladies was going 90 mph trying to get the customers seated. So, she was fast fast fast. It looked like she wasn’t going to stop till everyone was gone. So, i liked that about her. But, i might say she was a little intimidating when i saw her sit some customers down and just throw the menus on the tables instead of handing them to each person. She didn’t do that to us though. She was probably trying to go a little too fast. But besides that all the ladies were really nice.




FOOOOOOOD: The food took about as much time as it took to wait. 15-20 minutes I believe. I was just really really hungry so it felt a bit longer. But i know for sure it wasn’t more than 20 minutes. I had the eggs benedict with a short stack of pancakes, and my boyfriend ordered a regular breakfast with a side of biscuits and gravy. My Eggs benedict were delicious. They weren’t the best i’ve had but they were pretty good. The Pancakes would break a lot but they tasted, oh so buttery. Delish! As far as the biscuits and gravy they were a tad bit hard. I don’t know exaclty how they’re supposed to taste i’ve never had them before but my boyfriend has and he said they’re a bit harder than they’re supposed to be. But he was satisfied with his regular breakfast.


Overall:  The ambiance in this place was pleasant. I felt really comfortable, almost as if I were eating at someone’s home. My mimosa was great, my food was great, and I would definitely go back for brunch. I will add that this place is not surrounded by other popular locations it felt a bit hidden for me but I quite liked that.

So, that’s all that i have for you. If you’re in Los Angeles you should definitely go check it out!

Enjoying my mimosa
Much love, evelynnjacinnto




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