Back to Ipsy: June 2015 Bag is here!



So, Ipsy and I have an off again on again relationship, and right now i’m happy to say we are back on! I don’t know why i continue to cancel and then re subscribe again.Sometimes the bag is worth it and sometimes i’m mad i spent $10. But when i don’t receive my bag I end up not trying new items. I can always use those ten dollars and go out and buy things that i need but you never know what’s gonna be worth my money nowadays there’s just so many products out there! So, this becomes the reason why I go crawling back to ipsy. (What do you know i guess i did know why i go back to ipsy after all)  I know there’s other subscription boxes out there that i have yet to try but for now ipsy and I are doing just fine.

To check out what i received in my June Bag watch the video down below and make sure to subscribe and like my video if of course you want to.

Much love, evelynnjacinnto $10 a month


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