FABFITFUN subscription box Recycled into (Bridesmaids goodie box)

IMG_0162Today I have  a DIY for you all, FINALLY!!!! Yes, i finally had time to make this happen. DIYs are more my style I LOOOOOVE making beautiful things from scratch it makes me hapy and to each it’s own, right?

So, I am a subscriber of the fabfitfun subscription box which is a seasonal box. Meaning i get a box every spring, summer, fall and winter. So, i have a couple boxes just stacking up in my closet and i just couldn’t throw them away. I’m a saver. Especially if I know i can make use of them later. Not hoarding, just creative. When I first wanted to turn my box into a Bridesmaids box my first thought was to buy paint and paint over the box and sprinkle it with some glitter and yumminess (IDK what kind of yumminess i’m reffering to) but the box has all types of tapes and labels so that didn’t work out too well. So the easiest way to make it happen was to wrap it in cute wrapping paper that i bought from Target.

So, if you’re getting married and looking for ideas for your bridesmaids this is the video for you. Or if you’re just addicted at looking at DIYs this video is for you. Or if you just want to waste time this video is for you. Watch and Enjoy!

Much love, evelynnjacinnto






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