Will you be my Bridesmaid Box? on a budget!


Good Morning my fellow soon to be brides OR soon to be engaged woman of the world. Today I will be sharing with you my “Will you be my Bridesmaid Box?” that I created for my beautiful bridesmaids. If you’re not aware of what this box really is, well it’s basically a curated box by you (the bride) of pretty much anything you want to say or give out to your future bridesmaids. The trick is how do we do it withouth spending so much money. This will be a lot easier if you’re not planning to have a massive bridal party. But if you are here’s an inexpensive way to put together a box withouth spending so much of that dough you need to put away for the wedding. Ready, get started.

I have 6 bridesmaids and 2 Jr. Bridesmaids. The boxes were made to be given out during Christmas because Christmas is a special time for me, plus I was going to have all the girls together in one roof. So, in the box I included:

  1. LaMarca mini champagne bottle from http://www.worldmarket.com they have a website but I purchased the bottles in store. They retail around $5.99 ea. I purchased 6 so my total was: $19.59

( I made sure to get a bottle that was going to go along with the color scheme)

   2.  On pinterest, of course, I saw a cute piggy with the words dress fund on it, so I just loved the idea and decided to add that into the box. My goal was to find a couple of piggys at the dollar tree and just spray paint them with the color of my choice and make it look a little more expensive. I think I accomplished it. I found 5 blue piggys and 1 pink, the color didn’t really matter since i’m spray painting them after all. So my total for those were $6.


(I spray painted the pigs with a chalky gray finish color and with a Marthat stweart pen gloss I wrote the words dress fund and sprinkled In some glitter to make it look more Evelyn, that’s me by the way. I bought all these items at http://www.Michaels.com)

3. In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to buy an ornament that said bridesmaids on it so that they can remember it everytime they put up their Christmas tree. I looked on etsy and they were a little too pricey for my budget so I made my own .


Michaels had all the Christmas stuff for sale the week before Christmas so I went and bought 2 boxes of plain glass ornamants that came out to $2.50 a box of 4 (be careful with the glass when trying to spray paint some glass maybe popping out on the inside). I also bought some extras to go with it which include:

-white wintery looking yarn

-Fake engagements rings

-some type of glue pen to write the words Bridesmaid on it

-dusty blue spray paint

-white tulle


(all  of these items I purchased at Michaels)

The boxes were pretty easy they sold for 6 boxes for 10 at michaels and 6 was all I needed. As for the inside scribble paper. I don’t know what it’s called, but that I had saved up from my previous subscription boxes and just reused it. But they also sell it at Michaels or even the Dollar tree.

And last but not least the prints. Which is basically pictures of bridesmaids color dresses and color scheme of the wedding to give the girls an idea of what to expect when the time comes. It can give them an idea of what shoes to look for or jewelry makes them feel more prepared.


To accomplish this I saved pictures from my pinterest on to my phone. I put them together in a collage from any picture collage app that you may have. Then I downloaded the app called Printicular uploaded them there had them print it out and send them to my address. It’s very easy and affordable. I want to say less than .50 cents a print. I also included a “will you be my bridesmaid card” that I had purchased probably years before I was asked. HAHA but it’s ok makes me more prepapred I knew it would happen someday for me.

So, with all this said, if you want to see how I put together this box go ahead and check out the link below that’ll take you to my youtube channel. It’s a very short and to the point video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and i’ll have more for you in the future.

Congratulations to all the beautiful soon to be brides out there. Much love and Good Luck with the planning!

much love, evelynnjacinnto

***To watch how I put created the ornament and put the box together click on the link below to youtube channel***


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