Urban Decay: Gwen Stefani Palette

If I was a rich girl, Na na na na na na na na na… I would continue my “type singing” but we’re not here for that. But, I would love to be rich and buy Gwen’s entire Urban Decay makeup collection and lucky for us, I was able to get my hands on her beautiful makeup palette and I am here to share it with you, with of course, SWATCHES!!!



Beautiful of course, I wasn’t expecting any less from Gwens creative background she’s on another level and that’s what I think of this packaging, its on another level. I think its beautiful, looks so modern and fancy and I wish I could wear it as a chain or an earring or maybe a clutch because now that I think about it, a clutch makes more sense.



They’re gorgeous. My favorite colors has to be the bottom row because that’s where this palette really shines. I call it the party colors. They’re vibrant and pigmented, just beautiful. The other colors are just as beautiful but they do take more coats to get to the desired shade. I do think these colors are perfect for the sexy smokey cat eye. Theres so many different taupe and brown colors to use for that look.

Overall, I love this palette. I just think its beautiful, if I haven’t already made that statement. It does retail $58 and to me that is on the pricey side. I do think it should’ve been sold for $49 i don’t know if a couple dollars makes a difference to you but it does to me, i think its more affordable and honestly, I feel like theres a lot of good palettes out there for a lot less.

But let’s be honest we’re talking about A Gwen Stefani palette and if you’re into makeup like i am I can see why it would be on the pricey side, people will buy it. I got lucky enough to get it as a gift. So if you cant afford this palette and you feel like you might need it in your life, I suggest you add it to your gift list. Valentines Day is coming up after all. Send this link to your boyfriends and husbands and give them some hints.

SO, with that said no more talking, and lets start swatching.

I do want to add that the swatches doesn’t really give these colors justice I would suggest you swatch them out in person to really admire the colors.





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