MORPHE 350 Palette


Love between a girl and a palette can be so.. WOOOONDERFUL! And so I begin another post with a song. It just helps me show you how I feel about certain things, you know. But yes, the Morphe palette is finally in my pocession. I will admit though, It was an impulse buy but when I heard it was back in stock something came over me, I think it was my obsession with makeup that made me do it, or Jaclyn Hill  I heard it from her that it was back. She can do no wrong and I want everything she says is amazing, so I bought it. Besides that true fact, another reason why I purchased the palette is because they are sooo pigmented and creamy they are amazing plus it is only $22.99 for 35 eyeshadows. 35!! A regular priced palettes goes for around $40 dollars for 8-12 shadows. Correct me if I’m wrong but I might just be right for once. An extra positive with these eyeshadows is they make my not so talented makeup skills look like I have makeup skills..AND… I LOVE IT!!

I purchased the Morphe 350 palette which is all neutrals in  mattes, and metallics. But Morphe also offers a variety of others amazing palettes. click this link to check them out. And of course I wont leave you empty handed below I have swatches of the entire palette for you, so you can see for yourself why this palette is a must own.

Much love,

Morephe 35o swatches



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