Valentines Day at: SUR Restaurant


So, I’m a little late on this post but I hope you don’t mind me still sharing it with you all. For Valentines Day this year some couples decided to celebrate it together at Sur Restaurant. We’re all fans of the show of course. If for some strange reason you don’t know what show I’m talking about, it’s Vanderpump Rules. The show I believe created by Lisa Vanderpump which is half owner of the Sur Restaurant. Her Sur staff are the cast members of the show Vanderpump Rules.So, this restaurant is a pretty big deal to me and to a lot of the people who went on this group date. But lets get to the actual Sur Experience.

OUTFIT: I was wearing a dark blue velvet dress from Windsor with long sleeves and a decent length at the bottom but kept it a little sexified with an open slit in the chest area. Shoes are from Aldos. Necklace from Gstage.

Image-1 (1)


Arrival: So, we were the first couple to arrive to Sur along with my sister and her husband. When we came around the corner and saw the restaurant I couldn’t believe I was actually there. I was freaking out. No, i should type it this way, I WAS FREAKING OUT!!! I don’t know why i’m such a nervours wreck sometimes but I am. So as we’re going in to talk to the hostess my hands and knees are shaking, i guess i’m just not used to being in such nice places i didn’t know what to expect. I was expecting to get looked at a certain way because I didn’t belong there. But then I realized, its just a RESTAURANT a popular one but a restaurant. So, hostess was nice had us wait in the lounge for the rest of the couples! WHERE ARE YOU  PEOPLE?! which is what i was thinking at this point.

Lounge: I am in the SUR LOUNGE! OMG! yea, I’m a nerd when it comes to reality tv. But i don’t care, I AM IN THE SUR LOUNGE!  It was actually smaller than it looks on TV. Tv adds length to places as well not just weight length. So, as we’re waiting, I ordered a Strawberrini Martini which in my opinion, was the best Martini I’ve ever had and I mean it I hate Martinis and that one was amazing. I could taste the fresh strawberries in the Martini so it was a great balance. Thanks to the bartender who made it for us which unfortunately I cant remember his name because remember I was nervous at this point. But it wasn’t Jax or Tom. Although Jax was there, I saw him arrive to his job post.


Celebrity sighting while waiting: So, speaking of Jax. He was there!! I was happy and a little excited to see someone from the show but I wasn’t running up  to people asking for a picture because I’m just not that type of person unless you’re Bruno Mars (I will tackle him for a picture). But It’s nice to see celebrities though. Which brings me to my next sighting which was Slade from the Housewives of Orange County, if you’re a reality Freak like I am you know who I’m talking about. He is married to Gretchen Rossi which was also there that night and I got to see her as well. Very beautiful Woman and shorter than I thought. But beautiful. I was high off of my sightings and martini. The best waiting experience I’ve had in any restaurant.

Table is Ready: Finally the couples have arrived all at once! We get seated right after the lounge area so we can still see the fun environment that is the lounge. So, we’re sitting in the table and we order our drinks which I think is the best thing we could’ve done because i kid you not we did not get our actual entrée until 11 pm and our reservations were for 9:45pm. It is a pretty late time to eat a big meal. But I get it, it was Valentines Day pretty busy night. We had a 3 course meal,  had a vegetable soup to start, a well done steak (I love my steak nice and charred with no pink in it), and for dessert i had a cobbler i want to say it was a cobbler, with ice cream on the top. Here’s my sweet and sour moment, Sweet: Lisa’s son himself took us our dessert. SO NICE TO SEE!  SOUR: We received our dessert a couple minutes to midnight I believe. So the wait was a little intense to what i’m used to but i just hope it’s not like that every other non busy day.


Food review:  It was amazing. My Steak was delicious my potatoes were sooooo creamy I didn’t want to finish them, and my soup was creamy and delicious. Here are a few pictures of what we had that night they taste so much better than they look and they look pretty delicious to me. Not one of us had any complaints about the food or drinks, we all enjoyed our meals.


Cost: It was a little pricey! We paid $80 a person which comes out to $160 per couple. Yes it’s an expensive price to pay for the meal and the experience but I honestly thought it was worth it. I enjoyed my time there, I enjoyed the food, and obviously I enjoyed seeing some of the cast members of the show. I enjoyed it all!

Overall, I had a great night with some of my favorite people. My Squad! The place was beautiful inside and out and I loved that I was able to experience such  beautiful moments with my family.  Like I said earlier in my post, It’s not everyday we get to get dressed up and go out to a beautiful restaurant like Sur but sometimes you just have to it’s a great distraction from reality and you create a memory you can talk about later with each other in the future. Life is short splurge when you can.


Much love,



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