Wedding Venue Hunting: Casa De Lago

Good morning my beautiful readers or pass-Byers. I’ve been venue hunting for the past couple months for my wedding and let me tell you it’s a lot more difficult than I thought. I think it’s only easy for those who don’t really have a wedding budget but for me it hasn’t been too easy. Especially with the guest list I have.

But with the searching I’ve been doing I realized there’s not that many videos out there showing the venues to its full potential. I’ve been seeing a lot of djs showing the venues but mostly dancing to their music, trust me I’ve been looking. I look so that I won’t waste too much time making the drives to see if I’ll like it or not, so I decided to share with you my tour of Casa De Lago which is located in Orange Ca  for those of you searching for a venue and live in the area.

So, if that is something you want to see go ahead and check out my video which is up now in my YouTube channel and of course posted down below for you. If this is something you want to keep seeing please let me know in the comments and I’ll try to document some wedding stuff for you as much as I could it’ll also help me remember the struggles of my wedding.

With that said much love to you all and I’ll see you in my  video. Enjoy! I’m off to another venue!

Much love,



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